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Our mission is to help men and women understand each other and nurture their relationship.

Welcome to Loveific, a resource for trustworthy, compassionate, and up-to-date information on relationship topics. 

Since much of our content is critical, we take great care to provide our readers with the most authentic and evidence-based information about relationships, marriage, mental health, and well-being backed by science and research.

We want to help you learn about relationships and marriage topics in a way that’s easy to understand and personal.

Editorial Guidelines

At Loveific, we take pride in providing quality content. Our writers create original, engaging, and accurate content containing the latest evidence-based research and information. We take considerable care in providing information that is free from ethical concerns. If you ever come across an article that needs improvement, please email us at [email protected].

Affiliate Disclaimer

Our articles may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, we get paid for it. There is no extra charge for you. Commissions help pay for the time and effort it takes to bring you the best content. 

Meet Our Review Board

The Loveific Review Board consists of board-certified psychiatrist mental health experts who verify our articles, so you can be confident in our information and advice to improve your relationship.

Saira Ejaz, MD

Saira Ejaz, MD

Psychiatry Registrar

Saira Ejaz is certified by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Australian Medical Council (AMC). She is a Psychiatry Registrar at The New South Wales Ministry of Health. She is a Student Trainee at the Brain and Mind Centre at The University of Sydney, Australia. Saira did her Bachelor’s in Medicine from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Saddam Hussain, Editor at Loveific

Saddam Hussain


Saddam did his bachelors from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a Relationship Coach and Marriage Expert. He has been helping couples nurture their relationships for two years. He has a deep interest in Astrology and understanding people with respect to their Zodiac signs. 

Hussain’s advice is based on his life experiences and scientific research. Besides writing, he loves cycling, trekking, and hiking.

Anisa Tarar


Anisa empowers women by helping them tackle their Relationship problems. Anisa is a Marriage Expert. She takes a deep interest in Astrology and is always mindful of what the stars have in store for you. She did her bachelors from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Tarar has been a freelance writer for over five years. She has written several hundred articles on relationship.

Isbah Um E Ruman

Isbah Um E Ruman


Isbah is a Marriage Counselor and a Human Rights Activist. She takes a deep interest in Psychology and has been helping Married Couples for five years. She did her bachelors from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Isbah wants to empower Housewives in third world countries by teaching them their basic rights. She loves reading, writing, and exploring new places.

Amir Ali


Amir, our team lead for copywriting services, is a skilled professional with a B.Com degree from Islamia College Karachi. With his leadership, our team consistently delivers top-notch copy that meets the highest standards of quality and creativity.

Shaheer Iqbal

Ebook Writer

Shaheer, an accomplished ebook writer, graduated with a degree in Arts from the University of Okara. With a passion for storytelling, he weaves compelling narratives that captivate readers and transport them into imaginative worlds. Shaheer’s unique blend of creativity and academic background infuses his writing with depth and insight, making his ebooks both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Hashir Iqbal

Hashir Iqbal


Hashir, a talented copywriter who completed his BS in English Literature from the University of Lahore. With two years of writing experience, he’s a great team player and knows how to lead well. But what sets him apart is his knack for helping couples improve their relationships and grow in love.