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Guys Only Want One Thing

guys only want one thing

It was 2017 when a girl posted on Twitter, “Guys literally only want one thing… “and it got major attention from all over the world. Most girls supported her, and it was an environment of “me too trend.” 

Anyhow some boys mocked her and converted her tweet into a meme from where it went viral. This is not the first case; there are numerous in every street and corner, girls are complaining about men’s behavior. Men defend themselves by giving examples of noble ones saying it is not all men but a few players who dishonor the rest. At the same time, others start blaming back those girls saying that they also want that “one” thing.

I have witnessed that men get sexually provoked too quickly because they are genetically designed in this way. But it does not justify if a guy only wants sex and exploits the emotions of sincere women. A relationship should be balanced between love and sex; if anything is missing, this relationship is disabled. 

Do guys only want one thing?

I met a friend who told me she wants to have true love in her life. She shared her several occasions when she met different people who, in the start, were attractive, caring but suddenly, in a few days, started sexting. She told one of those guys that she does not want sex before marriage, and the guy suddenly disappeared. There are numerous examples of such incidents. You may have also witnessed it, either it happened to you directly or to your friend.

These incidents leave a question in women’s heads “do guys only want one thing?” The answer is, “guys do not want only one thing; they do want love and care too.”

Have you seen married couples complaining to their husbands that they want only one thing? For instance, think about your parents, did not they love each other? You must have seen old couples who have more affection than the younger ones. 

A chunk of players exploit girls’ emotions, these girls become vocal, and the perception is received as guys are after only one thing. Secondly, these players also find someone in their life for whom they sincerely fell in love and discover they also have a single heart.  

Why do guys only want one thing in a girl?

  1. Guys who want only one thing in girls are excellent at deceiving and manipulating women to exploit them sexually. Therefore, many women get preyed on by these guys. When these women learn that they were deceived, they become vocal, followed by a “me too” trend. It makes a common perception that guys only want one thing. 
  2. The second reason is the selection criteria; many girls allow a guy to enter their bedroom without even spending a reasonable time with them. This time could have let them know and understand each other. Generally, girls fall for people who are charming, good-looking, and rich. They forget that charming people have many options in their life; they always carry a backup plan and are quick to ditch a girl. 
  3. The third reason is the biological difference between men and women. According to WebMD, men are biologically more inclined towards sex. On the other hand, the sexual behavior of women is more complex. Women have emotional needs which can outdo their sexual desires. Men are straightforward with their sexual needs and often need more sex than women.

Signs he is after only one thing

1. He does not introduce you to his family

A man who is not committed to you would not risk introducing you to his family because it can make him socially bound to stay committed to you. For instance, if he ditches you after introducing you to his family and then introduces another woman to them, his family would ask, where is the other girl you showed us?

2. His conversation always turns sexual

You may have noticed that his conversation always ends up sexual. A person who is seriously committed would be more interested in learning about you. He may talk about different things such as your project or talk about politics etc.

Contrarily, a person whose goal is only to have sex with you would not be interested in knowing your opinion on different things. He would be bored by these topics. He would divert the flow of conversation towards sexual talk.

3. He shows a lack of intimacy

A committed man would have a balance of sex and romance in their lives. A person who loves you would make intimacy with you. He would stay with you after sex, talk about your hobbies and other things. He would engage in several cultural and social activities with you to grow your relationship with him.

A player is not interested in any of these things. He would have hundreds of excuses to avoid staying with you. 

4. Refusal to have sex makes him angry

A committed man would love to be near you even if you do not let him have sex with you. You can ask him to play chess or watch a movie with you, and after all this, you can hug him and say goodbye. He won’t mind that you didn’t have sex with him or you just expressed your urge and then suddenly changed your mind. He would be content with it.

But when you refuse a man who is using you for sex, he would become angry. He spent all this time to gain one thing, and you did not give it to him; it would freak him out.

Never allow those people to get to your bedroom. Learn to say no when required.


The notion that guys only want one thing is not quite accurate. There is a considerable number of men who exploit girls’ emotions for their sexual needs. But this does not prove that most men want only one thing from women. Instead, a man loves a woman as sincerely as a woman can love a man.