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How Does a Guy Feel When You Block Him

how does a guy feel when you block him

Do you have thoughts of blocking your partner? Are you wondering, will he miss me if I block him? A relationship is like a bumpy ride, and it has more ups and downs than the Himalayas. It is one of the most beautiful things God has gifted to human beings, but it demands dedication. Sometimes our lack of dedication and understanding about how to make our relationships work aggravates it. It can become a continuous liability to your health, peace of mind, time, and focus. On the other hand, a small understanding and dedication to relationships will strengthen it and elongate your and your partner’s lives. 

Suppose you have done everything to make your relationship work and still it is making you upset. In that case, it is understandable to get rid of it. However, if it becomes a continuous liability to your health, peace of mind, time, and focus. In that case, it is the best time to leave it. Remember, a relationship is a two-way street; two people stretch a rope from opposite sides. As long as both apply the same effort, the rope will remain steady, and if any of them loses their will, the rope will fall to the ground. So do everything to save your relationship but do not drag it. 

Now coming to the very topic of this article, how does a guy feel when you block him? He feels bad; being blocked has a direct impact on someones’ self-esteem. It makes him feel forsaken and creates a sense of failure. There is a subjectiveness in this topic; for instance, if your partner has some love and affection for you, he will feel abandoned, causing emotional stress. Consequently, he will start craving for you. On the flip side, if he was finding ways of leaving you, then it wouldn’t affect him. It is very unlikely that he will be happy or even comfortable with being blocked by you.

Will he miss me if I block him?

He will miss you. He will begin to love you more after being blocked. There would be a phase of self-doubt that will enable him to question his behavior, consequently realizing his mistakes and creating a sense of guilt. However, initially, shock, anger, and guilt take over them. Still, later on, they are substituted with a tremendous urge for their ex and growing love for them. 

I blocked him; what now?

If you have taken the decision, then it is time to own it. Keep these things in mind:

  1. Do not let him contact you through any channel, including emails.
  2. Avoid thinking about him or worrying that he might be sad. He could be sad, but not for losing you. He is sad because he lost someone he used to abuse and manipulate.
  3. If he tries to contact you, he may start triggering your self-esteem by blaming you for not being serious in the first place. Do not come on his net this time; he is stimulating you only to get your attention.

16 ways guys feel when you block them

1. He would feel that he lost someone

Even though he was not good enough with you, he had some affection for you in his heart. He should have felt good by being around you, talking to you, and spending time with you. A transition into being blocked suddenly creates a sense of loss. He would feel that he has lost a precious thing in his life. This sense of loss may make him distressed. 

2. He might be Hurt

It hurts when you lose your partner you loved a lot. If that guy was a narcissist who never cared about you, and worse if he had a line of women waiting for him, then he may not be hurt. But if this is not the case, he would be sad for a couple of days before realizing his mistakes. It would be a good opportunity to self-question.

3. He may feel Guilty

After self-questioning, he would realize his mistakes. It would create an immense sense of guilt because he lost one of the most important parts of his life only by his mistakes. This guilt can even transform him into a better person. He would likely try to contact you at this stage, but you have to keep him blocked until you feel that he has truly changed. Or if you think he cannot be changed, then do not answer his call.

4. He may feel a growing desire for you

After trying everything, if he can still not catch your attention, he would feel a greater urge for you. Now this urge could be due to the sense of being rejected or by realizing he was guilty. 

5. He may feel lowering self-esteem

This guy used to manipulate you, which increased his confidence in his abilities. However, once being blocked, he would start losing this confidence. It would be hard to contemplate that you ignored him; is he not sufficient? 

6. He may be Sad

This guy must be sad; after analyzing and thinking about everything, no matter who was right or wrong, he has lost you. If you guys had a breakup and then you blocked him up, it would devastate him. But, if he truly loved you, then he would want to amend the damage.

7. He may be Angry

Well, it is natural to be angry in that kind of situation. This guy sees the situation from his perspective, maybe for some time, he would think it was not all of his mistakes, and he may be angry about being punished for everything. But this would be a temporary case because you have not ditched him; you have blocked him because of his actions.

8. It may Torture him

Torture is a big word, but if a guy loves you truly, this big thing happens when he gets blocked, especially in a puzzling situation where he cannot figure out what he did wrong and that he cannot even contact you make the things worse on him.

9. It may Shock him

It would happen at the very beginning of the blockage. However, especially if he had no clue that you would take such an extreme step, the shock might stop him from contacting you initially, so do not be worried if he does not reach out to you immediately after learning that you blocked him.

10. He may feel Ruined

Now it is hard to imagine only if there was no true love in existence between you. Losing someone you loved truly makes you feel ruined; you feel like it is the end of the world. It may not be easy to behave normally in such a situation, and life gets disturbed.

11. He may Self-doubt

This is an important stage when your guy starts questioning himself, did he hurt you? Was he bad on you? Where did he go wrong? And the picture will start getting clearer in front of him. Self-doubt is most important for a person to leave his bad attitudes

12. Urge to clear the mess

This guy has realized his mistakes, and if he truly loves you, he would feel an enormous urge to get you back. He made a mess, he realized his mistakes, and now was the time to clear it. On the contrary, if he is a self-centered person, he may not have an urge for you, but he won’t fail himself by being forsaken by you.

13. It may make him Relieved

A guy who is not true to himself and his partner feels relieved when doing his part of the job. He did not care about the future of that relationship, so when you blocked them, they would not mind.

14. He may start Hating you

If this guy feels that he did not do anything wrong, he still blames you in his heart. Then, it would seed hatred in his heart for you. Then, he will give himself false consolation that it was not his mistake and it is legitimate to hate you. It is unlikely to happen because usually, a man realizes his mistake, and nobody can console himself with a lie. 

15. He may feel Unimportant

A guy being blocked means he is not required; his partner’s world is still the same even if he is absent. This creates a sense that he is unimportant; it would lower his confidence level or hurt his self-esteem. 

16 He may Panic

Panic is a very immediate reaction after being blocked by someone. He was not expecting it to happen, he had a little clue about that, and suddenly after being blocked, it shocked him. He would panic and may call you madly. Do not respond immediately because he would not be in his senses. If you have decided not to respond to him, it is fine. But if there is a chance of a patch-up, do give him some time at least to understand his mistakes

17. He may still love you

You have made it clear that you do not want him back after blocking him. This guy may still love you and wait for you to return to him in the previous relationship. A guy loves his woman by heart, and it is too difficult to forget her.

18. He may lose interest in you

There is a risk that the guy may lose interest in you after being blocked. It depends on his state of mind; if he had no clue of the reason or if he thinks it was not his mistake, he may lose interest. Blocking a guy is a hard decision that comes with its implications; choose wisely what you want to do.

19. He may feel cheated

If you need a break, there is no need to block him, instead communicate it to him. Otherwise, he would feel if you had fallen in love with someone else and cheated him. Men are possessive, and they easily misjudge situations like these.

20. He will miss you

It is simple to say that he will miss you, but it is more than that. He would think about you every time, which might hurt his routine and focus. Distance will make his heart grow fonder for you.


How does blocking someone make them feel?

Blocking someone leaves a significant impact on their emotions. This journey of emotional series is different for different people. Some people calm down and think about their mistakes, while others panic and react in negative ways. 

Is blocking someone a sign of weakness?

Blocking someone is viewed as a sign of weakness; you block someone because you fear confronting them or handling them. It also suggests that you do not have control over yourself.

Is blocking someone immature?

Blocking someone on small disagreements is an immature act. Blocking should be used for potential threats and not for people “whom you have disagreements with.”

Will he come back after blocking me?

He will come back after blocking you because he blocked you to let you realize your mistakes. However, if he is a player, it is doubtful that he will come back.

Is it better to block or ignore?

It is a subjective question; ignoring is a more lenient action than blocking someone. First, you have to figure out what would work in your situation. For example, if the person hurts you, start ignoring them; if it does not work, use blocking.