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How to Avoid Husband (8 Things to Do)

How to Avoid Husband

When learning how to avoid your husband, it is vital to set your intentions that you’re doing it to restore your value; or because you want to gain some mental break.

You want to maintain a temporary distance with your husband to make him realize he’s not paying due attention to you. Another reason might be you are fed up with his rudeness, and you want to take a fresh breath and relax your mind for some time.

Ignoring your husband isn’t a practice you should adopt for a bit of reason. If you think you and your husband would benefit from it in the long run, then go for it.

How to avoid a husband?

To avoid your husband, distract your mind by reading books, getting a subscription to fitness centers, meeting new people, or doing work. Taking your mind off your husband for some time would dramatically ease your mental stress and help you ignore him. You can also take a break by going to your mother’s house.

Psychology of avoiding husband

When you think about ignoring your husband, your mind would tell you about punishing him because he annoyed you.

But there is more than avoiding your husband. You can restore your husband’s interest and get his attention.

Research on 373 married couples for 25 years showed that lack of time for self in spouses created unhappiness in a marriage. Therefore, it is vital to give privacy to your spouse and time for being alone. 

I would share ways to catch your husband’s attention by avoiding him in this article.

8 tips to avoid your husband

1. Don’t be too eager

Well, some women may say I have no eagerness for my husband; cut the crap and get to the point. But once you begin avoiding him, you may feel eager to get closer to him.

No matter how dissatisfied you are with your husband, you will have 1000 reasons to be with him if he goes away for a while.

Therefore, if you want to get good at ignoring your husband, first get firm control over your desires.

2. Don’t hurry in responding to his texts

When you make yourself too available for your husband, you automatically lose your value. 

The purpose of this exercise is to make your husband believe you are untouchable. In addition, it would stimulate a craving in him to gain your attention. 

Be kind when you respond but don’t leave an impression that you are just one text away from him.

3. Find something exciting in your life

You cannot pretend to be happy in your own life unless you have something exciting to do. 

When you show your husband that all your happiness is dependent on his presence, he will exploit it. Show him that you can still enjoy it when he isn’t around. Independence is sexy.

When your husband knows that you are still happy and independent in your life, it’ll make him desire for you.

4. Show him you’re busy

Learning how to avoid your husband is all about balancing making your husband feel special and not being available to him.

It will strengthen your connection.

Also, being busy does not mean you show no availability to him because it would clue him that you’re intentionally doing it. 

The crux is in keeping things natural and sophisticated.

5. Show him you’re happy

To avoid your husband, you need to show him that you are happy in your life. Make a good mood with a smile on your face. Listen to upbeat music and find things to laugh at to adjust your mood.

6. Avoid being rude

When you ignore your husband, you don’t want him to feel bad about himself. Instead, you want to keep him interested in you.

Therefore, we suggest a back and forth approach in which you are gentle, cute, and caring for him, and then you pull away slightly. This exercise will keep him wondering how to win your affection.

7. Make your appearance more attractive

Learning how to avoid your husband is not simple. First, you have to create a distance and stimulate your desire in him simultaneously. 

Unattractive woman needs to follow this advice more than others.

Looking gorgeous and attractive is vital to keep him desiring you. Try different types of dressing styles, choose clothes that make you appear more confident, fill in your eyebrows, keep a smiling face, etc

8. Don’t follow instincts; instead, follow your intellect

Learning how to ignore your husband comes with a responsibility. There is always a chance that your partner may take things wrong. Therefore, you should check if things are going in the direction you want. 

If you feel your husband has become silent or sad, this plan is not for you. You can’t follow your instincts which may suggest you keep ignoring him even if he feels bad.

How to avoid a husband who ignores you?

It is common to see husbands ignoring their wives at some point in their married life. However, it is frustrating when your husband’s behavior suddenly changes, and it seems you no longer exist in his life. 

You didn’t get a satisfactory response after communicating your reservations and asking him what has made him ignore you. And now you plan to avoid him to make him realize your value.

I would urge you to be patient in those situations because panicking would worsen the existing situation.

Take a step back and think, have you done something that hurt him? Has he learned about something that would make your marriage fall apart? If this is not the case, then buckle up to ignore him. 

Show him that you have accepted the reality, and now you’re happy with the way he ignores you. Be gentle and kind to him while maintaining a distance that stimulates a longing for you in him.

How to avoid a husband who is cheating

A cheating husband who refuses to stop talking to another woman takes his wife in a situation that often traumatizes her. You are upset because he cheats on you, and even worse, he ignores you.

In such a situation:

  • Talk to a close friend
  • Meet a marriage expert
  • If you realize nothing is working, talk to him.

Ignoring a cheating husband can make him stop cheating, but it is a double-edged sword. Your husband might become more audacious in his acts because there is no one to stop him. 

Would ignoring your husband hurt your marriage?

Yes, ignoring your husband can hurt your marriage if you lose your balance. You can’t become cruel while ignoring him. It was all meant to make a certain level of distance to restore your husband’s interest in you. 

Ignoring your husband was the last resort when you had tried everything to get his attention. This artificial distance should be kept with some checks, and make sure not to stretch things too much so that they never remain the same.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to ignore your husband is not less than an art.

If done correctly, it will make your hubby give you more value and care.

If you follow the steps of ignoring your husband, the results will be fruitful.

First, control your eagerness to respond to his texts and call

Be patient; I know ignoring your husband can be tough, but it is like medicine that isn’t good initially and always bears results.

Maintain a balance, act busy, but don’t let things fall apart by being cruel.

You can’t ignore your husband forever. Maintain a relationship built on trust, love, and affection.