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How to Make a Guy Want You

how to make a guy want you

Some personality traits can make someone exceptionally desired and wanted. It is a privilege that your partner wants you. However, the approach to attaining this objective is ironic. Sometimes,  you need to show limited interest in your partner to make him grow fonder for you.

To answer, how to make a guy want you? Accept yourself as you are and make the best possible version of yourself by adopting good personality traits. Be attractive, be loving and adopt positive changes in your behavior. It would make you the most desired personality in your circle and especially by your partner. Here are 16 things to do that will make a man like you bad.

Be self dependent

A person who depends on others loses his value in their eyes. It is human nature that he values things that are in scarcity. If you are dependent on others, you will make yourself available every time, reducing your value. Try to make your own life in which people want to be with you. Do not let yourself depend on your boyfriend because this is a vulnerability that can hurt you in the future.

In years, my wife and I have learned that you do not have to prove your love by being available every time. Instead, there has to be a healthy and calculated intentional distance in which you can make your own life. This distance would make your availability limited and increase your and your time’s value.

Love yourself first

If you want others to value you, desire for you, it should start from you. Yes, you should love yourself first. Know that you are wonderful; there is no shortcoming in you. Of course, you could be very good at certain things and not very good at others, but this applies to all human beings. 

Ask yourself if you love yourself? If the answer is yes, then it’s good to go. But if the answer is no, it’s time to start working on it. 

Loving and valuing yourself will boost your confidence in yourself; it will let you decide better how to respond in specific situations to certain people. 

If you feel you have a weight problem, join a gym and start working out from today. You want to transform yourself into the best version of yourself because you love yourself.

Be unpredictable

how to make a guy want you

Unpredictable things are primarily interesting; think about which kind of movies keep you hooked?  Yes, that is right, movies with a surprising plot maintain their viewer’s interest. This is not an analogy but a demonstration of human behavior; we love things to be a little bit unpredictable. 

Try to make some unpredictable moves, like kissing him suddenly when he was talking about something of serious nature but not too serious. Try to avoid obviousness in your behavior. For example, if you are in a situation where he expects you to be angry, avoid being mad at this spot if possible. Similarly, you can do the following things to be unpredictable:

  • Talk dirty in his ear when you are a formal guest to someone.
  • Make him wonder, what will you do next
  • You can try giving him an eye on the plane and suddenly change your mind pretending the bathroom is too small
  • Be ready to participate with your family dinner or friends dinner and let him know that you can be easily distracted from him.

Touch him unexpectedly

If you want to make your husband or partner want you, then be naughty with him. For instance, you both are invited to dinner, and you unexpectedly touch him to turn him on slightly; it will excite him. 

I love when my wife touches me unexpectedly, and I have shared this thought with her too. It is good to discuss your likes and dislikes politely. Men love when their women show interest in sex. Men love naughty women who are unpredictable.

Tease him

how to make a guy want you
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Teasing is a healthy thing to do; you can tease him by commenting against his opinions. For example, if he likes a particular football player, you can say his favorite player sucks. Teasing and flirting are vital for arousing emotions and add a little bit of flavor to a relationship.

I went to a park with my wife, and we took a boat swing sitting side by side. Now, honestly, I fear boat swings; it makes me agonized. But, on the contrary, my wife loves boat swinging. When the boat was at the climax, I screamed subconsciously, and my wife sitting next to me heard it all. After the swing ended, my wife mimicked how I was crying. She teased me all the way home and, trust me, it aroused me sexually. I wanted to hold her tight and kiss her endlessly. She was trying to tease me, and I loved it; this is one of the reasons we have a solid bond.

It is also essential to notice that do not go overboard with teasing, it can frustrate your partner, and you both cannot have a conversation at any moment. It would come with experience how much to tease your partner.

Smell good

A person’s smell is a part of a person’s personality; it would remind your friends about you even in your absence if they smell it. Secondly, it leaves a good impression on them about you. If you want your guy to crave for you desperately, then make a habit of using a good perfume. Make sure your partner has no allergy to that perfume because guys have allergies to certain kinds of perfume. 

Make him value you

You cannot allow someone to mistreat you, right? It is unnecessary to please others when they are mistreating you. Speak out and tell them what hurts you and how you feel about it. Similarly, keep your promises with others and be punctual when you commit to something.  I am adding some personality traits that make others value you:

  • Avoid gossiping
  • Have your opinion
  • Stop apologizing
  • Add humility in your behavior
  • Value yourself and your opinion
  • Value others
  • Avoid being too nice

I am not putting forward that you change yourself into a superhuman being that everybody admires, no. I am suggesting you make the best version of yourself because you can do it. Think about when we work out in a gym, do we lose our previous selves? No, we make our earlier selves into their best version. Practice those personality traits and enjoy your life.

Be a magnet when around

You can be a magnet by being humble and respectful. When you give someone respect, they love you being around. Likewise, your partner will be attracted whenever you are around because you give him affection, listen to him, and do not judge him. A person is craving inside to be heard; if you can provide this privilege to someone, you are the magnet.

Make him comfortable with your presence

how to make a guy want you
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There are times when you can complain to your partner about his behavior or anything that troubles you. But do not make this an all-time habit, do not tell him every time that you are not feeling good about this and that. This negativity will frustrate him, and he would prefer to avoid being around you. Instead, make others comfortable with your presence. Have a balance in your attitude, you are not constantly complaining, and you are never complaining.

Be natural

It seems easier to be natural, but some factors forge our behavior, and we start doing what we are not supposed to do. It begins when you prefer others’ likes and dislikes over yours. Being natural is about thinking with your mind and following what you like. It is something that will make you exceptionally self-dependent, and people will start desiring you.

Give respect

Respect is an integral part of love; if you don’t respect a person you love, you don’t love them. Similarly, respecting someone makes them respect you in return. When you respect your boyfriend or husband, you make them believe that you value them, love their ideas, and believe in them. Whenever they see you around, they feel more valued, more validated, and trusted. Be a person who makes a guy more confident.

Be understanding

There is a possibility when you think it was not your mistake and your partner was wrong. You may want to freak out at certain moments when your partner does not listen. It is understandable to have such situations in a relationship. The problem starts when we stretch things beyond their tensile strength. 

Imagine your partner is always stubborn to prove them right. It appears that who is wrong or right does not matter anymore. This is a point where it begins to harm a relationship. I would urge, always keep room to listen to your counterpart even if they are entirely wrong. It would make you understanding, and they would start accepting their mistakes and correcting them.

Be supportive

Men love supportive women the most, and this applies to both partners. You love your partner, and you want them to pay attention to you, give you time and validate you. However, they are always busy with their work and paying no attention to you, which makes you sad. On the other hand, your partner is stuck in a genuine problem; they want to meet their deadline, get a promotion and excel in their business. 

Support your partner if they need your support at certain times. Do not occupy them emotionally if they are invested in their work to meet a certain deadline. If you support them, they will be grateful for that and eventually appreciate that you are in their life.

Men love solving problems, chasing goals, and excelling in careers. It is highly ingrained in their nature, whereas women love to exchange emotions, share their feelings and spend more time with their partners. I am not saying men love their women less; it is a difference of nature between men and women working here. 

Be a good listener

how to make a guy want you
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Do you know what makes boring people boring? When they speak, they only talk and never listen, and when they hear, they only listen and never talk. I have seen most girls talking too much and paying less attention when others are speaking. 

A good listener is a good speaker. So listen to your partner when they are talking, participate in their talk and respond accordingly. Do not cut the conversation in the middle and start speaking; let others talk. Sometimes, all we want is to be entirely heard by others. 

Make a good appearance

It would be best if you were good at choosing your outfit when it comes to your appearance. I am not suggesting spending thousands on your dress. A simple but elegant combination of your shoes and your clothing can boost your impression of others. Appearance has an incredible effect on your personality. When it comes to your partner, you need to do your best to improve your appearance.

Make him respect you

There are two ways to make others respect you, giving them respect and not allowing them to disrespect you. Simple, well, we can discuss tons of details about the personality traits that make others respect you; I will have an article on it. But in this context, I want you to remember not to allow others to disrespect you. Instead, make them value your time. Speak out when you feel disrespected and feel that you were not given enough attention or value.


If you adopt some personality traits, you can become the most desired person of your partner. There is no complexity in that phenomenon; we all need to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Just like our body develops, our intellect grows, our personality too should improve. When you go to the gym, you are working on making the best version of your physical being. Similarly, adopt healthy personality traits to improve your inner self and be the most desired one.