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Signs You Are an Unattractive Woman (22 Unfortunate Signs)

Signs You Are an Unattractive Woman

Being an unattractive woman has more to do with your habits than your looks. Looks play a pivotal role in making a woman attractive. A good personality can offset a meager look. 

So, what makes a woman unattractive?

  • Being emotionally vulnerable
  • Being overly biased
  • Being overly gossiping
  • Being materialistic
  • Having uncontrolled lying habit
  • Having weak control over instincts
  • Being arrogant

Similarly, if a woman is gorgeous and at the same time arrogant, few people will find her attractive. So how can you make yourself attractive, and what are the signs of an unattractive woman? Let’s find out!

Signs you are an unattractive woman

1. You have low confidence

Confidence is key in building an attractive personality. The more confident you appear, the more you will attract people. Confident women with meager looks can become the epicenter of attraction. Do you remember who had the most friends in your school? Yes, they were your funny and lively classmates of yours. They were attractive because of their confidence. A confident person can easily deal with tough situations and impress others.

On the other hand, a lack of confidence can detriment a person’s social life. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Confidence is linked to happiness, good mental health, and freedom. 
  • Stay happy and get rid of things that make you sad.
  • Do regular exercise to keep your mental health good.
  • Pursue your freedom, do not lag behind things that are not in your control. It is your life, and as far as you are satisfied, there is no need to please others.

2. You have the wrong perception about your looks

All human beings are different in their opinions, priorities, ambitions, physique, capabilities, and color. Therefore, it is wrong to look down on someone because they are brown or black instead of white. But the more important thing is to have a wrong perception about one’s looks. If you expect yourself to be gorgeous and because you are not, you think you are ugly. 

You do not have to be Lady Gaga or Miss universe; they are for the media. Normal human beings are regular people, just like your neighbor. However, you need to change your perception of your looks because if you think you are ugly, it may hurt your attractiveness.

Here I want to share my personal experience. One of my friends lacked confidence while talking to girls in college, whereas there was a guy with a bald head and not-so-good looks who was able to talk with every girl and make good friends. But unfortunately, my handsome friend had no friends from the girl’s community. This guy was nowhere near my friend in terms of looks; they had every gorgeous girl in the college friend. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Energize your eyes
  • Maintain a smile
  • Try some new dressing
  • Get a haircut 

3. You think Negative

Negative thinking affects a woman’s whole life. A woman who thinks negatively speaks negatively, and eventually, people will run away from that person. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Replace your negative thoughts with positives.
  • Practice getting along with criticism
  • Be self-aware 
  • If you have negative thoughts, try writing them down
  • Have some meditation

4. You are a bad listener

Unattractive people are also bad listeners. They never take an interest in what others have to say, and their conversation always ends up being one-sided. Nobody wants to talk with that kind of person, because they are boring.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Practice empathetic listening
  • Ask more questions
  • People listen to give rebuttals, try to listen to learn
  • Be comfortable with silence
  • Stay focused

5. You are a selfish woman

Selfish people are one of the most unattractive kinds of human beings. People would not value a person who is limited to his interests. Therefore, selfish people never attract affection from others. They live a hard life in which things are more valued than people.

Tips to become an attractive woman 

  • Value others just as you value yourself
  • Love things for others what you love for yourself
  • Practice sacrificing for others
  • Give people precedence over materialistic things
  • Practice gratitude
  • Keep promises

6. You have an undetected sense of humor

Undetected humor is not a bad personality trait, but a good sense of humor can tenfold a person’s attractiveness. A bad sense of humor, on the other hand, hurts your personality; it is not only you who tell jokes that are not funny. A bad sense of humor means you tell jokes out of context or hurt someone.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • If you are not good at humor, that is completely fine.
  • Avoid hurting others from your jokes
  • Watch comedy shows
  • Learn the difference between being silly and witty

7. You have uncontrolled biases toward other’s opinion

Being opinionated is healthy; it allows you to develop an attractive personality. People love to listen to those kinds of people who have independent opinions. On the contrary, people who do not have their thoughts and blindly follow others’ opinions often are biased. These people never allow the flourishing of a healthy debate culture where people can respectfully disagree and, therefore, not attract others.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Make your independent opinion and respect disagreement.
  • Be aware of your biases

8. You have a habit of backbiting

Backbiting is another habit that makes someone unattractive. Backbiting deteriorates a person’s integrity. You may find people who will take an interest in your backbitings, but it is your listeners in whose eyes you lose respect first. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Never judge people on their back when no one can defend them. 
  • If you hear any rumors about others, never pass on them unless you have confirmed the truth.
  • Avoid gossiping.

9. You are not an appreciating woman

Appreciative people are not directly attractive, but they influence others from the very first contact. And it made their personality wanted and cheered by others. This article aims to share what personality traits can make a person attractive. Help people by appreciating them, telling them you believe in them. Sometimes, all a person needs are appreciative words from a friend.

On the contrary, if you habitually blame and complain about your friends, it will detriment your personality in the eyes of others.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Remind your partner how awesome he is
  • Give him space
  • Praise him in front of others
  • Pay attention to what he says even if you are not interested in the subject

10. You have anger issues

Uncontrolled anger can make a person repulsive to others. Not only does it makes you unattractive, but it also deteriorates your relationships with your close friends and family members. Also, anger is not intrinsically a bad thing. Just like a knife, it is their usage that defines their nature. If you freak out on little things, people will not like you. On the other hand, it is a good personality trait if you get angry when you see injustice.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Learn to channel your anger. 
  • Avoid losing temperament on little things.
  • Tell him he looks handsome

11. You are stuck in your past

If you are stuck in your past, it is most unlikely to live your future. Moving on is not an option. It is the only way to deal with the unpleasant memory of your past. Also, those who are not willing to leave their past cannot attract others. People would not interest you because you are not mentally healthy. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Keep your distance from things that hold you in your past
  • Think about the people around you 
  • Make new friends
  • Learn to forgive

12. You are an unambitious woman

Unambitious people lack the desire to achieve big goals in their life. As a result, these people fail to inspire others. Therefore, unambitious people are sometimes unattractive to some people. Therefore, living a non-purposeful life is not only a disgrace, but it also makes others think before getting closer to you. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Set a goal. 
  • Learn to inspire others. 
  • Surround yourself with ambitious people.
  • Take calculated risks

13. You prioritize objects over humans

Valuing things in your possession is not a bad thing, but when you take it to the extreme, and people lose their value in your eyes, it is time to worry. If your friend or cousin asks for something, do not refuse quickly. Instead, try to be helpful and generous.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Adopt generosity as a habit.
  • Help those who need you
  • Learn to give your time to others
  • Learn to care about other’s feelings

14. You keep yourself unclean/unhygienic

Keeping yourself clean is crucial to staying attractive to others. It represents your personality as an exquisite person. Suppose you cannot maintain your clothes and appearance organized and clean. In that case, people will think you are unworthy of your time and energy.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Obtain a habit of living organized and clean. 
  • Use a good perfume 
  • Stay fresh.

15. You never apologize

Apologizing does not make a person a lesser being. On the contrary, making an apology shows a sincere intention to improve himself. If you accidentally hurt someone, it is absolutely fine to apologize. People who do not apologize always fail to have true friends and relationships.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Learn to apologize for your mistakes.
  • Acknowledge the other person’s feeling
  • Take responsibility
  • Be empathetic

16. You are disrespectful

Disrespectful women are unattractive and fail to go far in a relationship. Mutual respect is vital for any relationship. It manifests power imbalance among couples where one of the partners is less careful for the other. Disrespect stems from taking the relationship for granted. If a relationship is emptied of respect, nothing is left to support it.

Mocking your lover in front of others, not valuing time, ridiculing in private, and breaking promises come under disrespect

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Learn to give respect.
  • Fulfill your promises
  • There is a thin line between teasing and mocking someone. 
  • Avoid devaluing others’ ideas and opinions.

17. You are too judgmental

If you have a habit of judging others, you are making a continuous mistake. You are not obliged to judge others unless someone asks you in court. Judgmental people develop a habit of looking at the bad side of everyone. These people talk bad about others in their absence and lose their integrity in their listeners’ eyes. Moreover, when gossip reaches the ears of the subject person, they get hurt. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Avoid judging people. If someone backbites in front of you, defend the person they are backbiting about.

18. You are always complaining

Women who complain too much are also unattractive. Complaining women drain their energy finding faults in everything. They lose pleasure from life because the faculty of feeling happiness is compromised. 

People like to stay near those who maintain a positive environment around them. A positive environment comes from positive talks, and positive talks come out of a positive mind.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Avoid complaining about vague things which have no existing solution.
  • Try to make a habit of avoiding complaints.
  • If you undergo any bad experience, try figuring out if it was because of your mistake. It would enable you to take responsibility for your acts.

19. You lie a lot

If you have a habit of lying too much, you will lose your credibility and respect in others’ eyes. Nobody wants a woman they can’t trust. There are two types of liars. The first type of liars lie in everything, and even they tell stories that never existed to amuse their friends. The second types of liars are general people who lie occasionally and are not habitual. If you are from the first category of liars, you can be unattractive. 

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Avoid lying
  • Tell someone when you tell a lie
  • Acknowledge that you have a problem
  • Be realistic while making promises 

20. You are obese

Obesity is not a personality trait, but it reflects how a woman treats her body. If a woman cannot control her hand while eating despite being obese, it means she has no self-control. Obesity comes from a lack of discipline. At the same time, obesity can also come from disease in some exceptional cases. Your lack of discipline in your life may hold you back in attracting others. 

Your appearance is your first introduction. Try to make your first introduction your best introduction.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Have regular exercise
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Consult your doctor if you have a medical condition 

21. Your teeth are dirty

Oral hygiene is fundamentally important for a woman to be attractive. However, bad oral hygiene risks your life and your partner’s life while having intimacy. Poor dental health can affect your already existing relationship. It can ruin some intimate moments only because your partner saw some dirt in your teeth or sensed a smell from your mouth. You cannot imagine someone kissing you with bad breath, can you?

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Brush your teeth regularly
  • Replace your toothbrush in 6-8 weeks
  • Have a regular dental checkup once in 6 months
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eat healthy food 

22. You do not talk much

Silent women can be unattractive. If you are in a gathering where all of your friends are talking and sharing their experiences, and you are sitting back with a locked mouth, it means you will go unnoticed. The lesser you are unnoticed, the lesser you would matter to others. If somebody tries to engage you in a conversation and there is no adequate response, he will not get near you next time.

Tips to become an attractive woman

  • Practice talking to new people
  • Overcome your shyness about talking to others
  • Start with talking to your close friends
  • Have some healthy discussions with your teachers


A woman can become unattractive because of some bad habits. Those habits are curable. Most people think unattractiveness comes from ugliness. At the same time, the look is merely the first introduction. The most important thing is the overall personality, which decides if she is attractive or unattractive.