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What Does Cheating Say About a Person

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Does your partner take less interest in you? Have they become secretive these days? Are you sure they are cheating on you? It is a sad thing in a relationship to be cheated by their other half. 

Now you might be wondering what does cheating say about a person. Cheating shows that the person is selfish and has less control over their desire. As a result, the cheater has low self-esteem and will probably do the same in the future.

What does cheating say about a person?

After having a small glimpse of what cheating says about a person, I will walk you through more deeply about them. (I will be using ‘‘He” at most places that applies to both men and women, kindly don’t get me wrong) These are the things cheating says about a person:

We will dive deeper into the characteristics of a cheater. Read this article to the end to learn more about them.

1. Selfish

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One of the apparent characteristics of a cheater is selfishness. A person cheats because he is selfish and he only cares about himself. In a relationship, we pledge to remain honest with our partner; a cheater is the one who breaks that pledge. Selfish people have less respect for promises of such nature because their priority is their desires.

A selfish person craves to fulfill his desire at all costs. A selfish person:

  • Always do what makes him feel good
  • Take less care about their partner’s feelings
  • Can leave their partner at the best available opportunity
  • Cheats because this makes them feel good

2. Little control over desires

A cheater is a slave of his desires; he cannot control if he feels an urge to do sex with someone other than his partner. It is not a weakness but a disorder in character. Morally compromised people are enslaved mainly by their desires. These people cannot fulfill their promises; they lack self-control and consequently lack self-esteem.

I met a couple in which the female complained to me about her partner’s affairs with other girls. When I closely examined that person, he had little control over his sexual desires. He was inclined towards other girls, and he was addicted to pornography. Despite having a beautiful partner who also loved him selflessly, he was forced by his desires.

3. Sinking self-esteem.

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Cheating makes a person lose his self-esteem; he gets morally weak with time. The person who cheats knows that he is constantly doing wrong; this weakens his self-esteem. He doesn’t respect himself; if you ask him about his opinion, he won’t believe in his opinion; in fact, he won’t have any opinion. A person with sinking self-esteem boils from inside thinking about his acts. 

4. He will probably cheat you again

Once a cheater, always a cheater, you may have heard this quote. It is true in most cases because a cheater adopts this habit and is very unlikely to leave it. If a guy or a girl cheats you, you catch him red-handed, and then if he comes to you with an apology. Make sure that he won’t cheat you again because he may have done that in the past.

You can ask his previous girlfriend about his behavior whether he had cheated on her or not. If the answer is yes, then ask them what happened when he apologized. Did he cheat them again? Be careful with that person because he has become habitual, and he cheats a lot of girls, exploits them, and then leaves them.

5. He does not care about your feelings or this relationship

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Cheating shows the person does not care about you. He has less interest in preserving this relationship. 

The biggest thing at stake while cheating is your relationship and your feelings. And your partner knows well that he might hurt you and the relationship if he cheats you. Still, if he does that, it means he doesn’t care about this relationship or you. 

If a person does not respect the sanctity of a bond and the commitment from his or her partner, he cannot appreciate anything in his life. A relationship works with a noble person who has honored himself by always standing by his word. You do not have to be sorrowful about your partner’s act because you were with a wrong person who never deserved you. Fortunately, you learned about this and now you are ready to accept the reality. 

6. He is indecisive

Cheaters are indecisive because they lack the willpower to make rational decisions. They are often derived by their desires which inhibits their thought process so they cannot stop themselves from cheating their partners. 

They are reluctant to truly commit with someone; therefore, they always have extra affairs. People like these are often indecisive at various parts of their life. Their feelings and desires decide for them, and they act accordingly. They may look confident, charming, charismatic upon first meeting or maybe in several meetings. Still, over the passage of time, they will start unleashing their true nature. 

7. He is unhappy with you

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Cheating may stem from discontent in a relationship. This discontent can be emotional or sexual or both, and it leads the partner to cheat. It means a person is unhappy in his relationship. He craves fulfillment, if not from his partner, then from some outsider. He thinks it is his right to find sexual satisfaction; he sees it as a legitimate excuse. 

Being happy is a right for everyone, but it should not come at a cost that might hurt someone. And especially if that ”someone loves you and demands commitment from you. 

When it is hard to break up in a relationship, it appears easier to have an extra affair and fulfill a desire from someone else without losing the previous partner.

8. Insecurity

A person who lacked gaining attention in his childhood or carries bad experiences from previous relationships often gets insecure. These people had emotionally abused childhood, and they still carry scars from their past. Sometimes, seeing a loved one being messed up in their relationship leaves a bad image of the relationship in their head. These people find relief in having multiple partners.

Also, insecure people are prone to being overly dependent on their partners. This dependence makes them vulnerable if their partners leave them. So, they make a backup plan to ensure that someone will be available.

9. Secretive

Cheaters are good at hiding things because they have a lot of things to hide from their partner. The primary reason why they are good at keeping secrets is that they do it every day. They guard their secret to continue exploiting the feelings of multiple partners who come into their life with pure intentions. But, on the other hand, they misuse their feelings to fulfill their desires.

They won’t get access to their social media account or any means that could let you see their personal life. They are uncomfortable with sharing their intimate secrets because they may expose them.

10. Emotionally immature

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People who cheat cannot understand how it will affect their partner, and thus they are often described as emotionally immature people. It is a demonstration of self-centeredness and greed, which is ingrained in their personality.

11. No long term commitment

People who cheat show that they were never committed to a long-term relationship. They come into someone’s life only for enjoyment, and once they get bored with them, they leave them.

Why do people cheat in a relationship?

People cheat because they are comfortable with cheating; they don’t have the moral power to control their desires. Their indecisiveness makes them follow their urges and their sinking self-esteem allows them to justify their acts.

Do you love someone if you cheat on them?

A person can be loving someone despite cheating on them. It is because cheating is a weakness of that person who cannot control his urges; it does not mean he cannot love someone. It means he does not have the moral strength to curb his desires when needed. We cannot doubt someone’s love even if they cheat on them.

Sometimes, the lack of attention from us lead our partner to seek fulfillment from the outside. If you do not satisfy the sexual desires of your partner, he might seek it outside.

There is also a flip side to this; a cheating person is a player who exploits the emotions of innocent people. He does not love anyone but himself.


A cheater has sinking self-esteem, whose indecisiveness does not allow them to reason. Instead, they take refuge in exploiting the emotions of innocent people and then justify it as an act of seeking happiness to silence their dying conscience.