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When a Cancer Man Kisses You (What Does It Mean)

When a Cancer Man Kisses You

A kiss is the beginning of a new era in your relationship. It turns ordinary companions into soulmates. Not only is it pleasing to kiss the love of your life, but it is more rewarding when your loved one initiates a kiss. 

You are going out with a cancer man these days, and there was a blessed time when everything might have changed between you.

You kissed a cancer man! Your soft, loving, and considerate friend has broken his emotional wall for you. Now you are wondering what does that mean to be kissed by a cancer man? Was it merely a kiss, or more than that?

To cut a long story short, cancers are traditional, family-oriented men, for whom relationships and sex are everything except casual. So, when a cancer man kisses you, never expect it to be casual for him. A kiss means a great deal for a cancer man; it signifies that your relationship is getting deeper. A cancer man won’t sleep with someone he’s not dating; therefore, when he kisses you, it means he has begun trusting you.

What Does It Mean When a Cancer Man Kisses You?

A Cancer man’s kiss signifies commitment, seriousness, affection, and respect. These guys find themselves unsuitable to have a fling or one-night stand. Because Cancers are family men who would prefer to marry a girl and start a family, they usually avoid casual relationships. 

Before moving further, let’s have a quick overview of a Cancer man. They are:

  • Loyal, honest, and reliable
  • Since the moon rules them, they are marvelous caregivers.
  • They are so reluctant to end a relationship they even stay in the wrong relationships for a long time.
  • They prefer traditional life, like having a wife, children, and a means of stable income.

6 Inferences From a Cancer Man’s Kiss

1. You are more than a friend

Intuitively, your cancer guy considers you more than a friend because he kissed you. He might consider marrying you and starting a family with you; since he’s a family man, it is most appropriate to kiss you only when he thinks you’re the right person for him.

It is also important to consider the nature of the kiss before jumping to any conclusion. If it was a peck (slight lip-to-lip kiss lasting less than one second), it means it just happened. We can’t assume too many things from it.

On the other hand, if the kiss was deep, open-mouth, including tongue interactions, and lasted for more than 5 seconds, your cancer guy is more than serious about having a relationship with you.

2. He cares about you

Cancers are ruled by the moon which represents maternal energies. They are excellent caregivers for people they love. Kissing you was his unique way of expressing that he will always be there for you.

Other signs that show he cares for you might include:

  • Forgiving your mistakes
  • Being considerate about your mood fluctuations
  • Giving you space
  • Keeping your secrets

3. He feels comfortable with you

We all have friends and acquaintances with whom we work, go out, and party. But our degree of comfort varies from person to person; kissing someone shows you have a different level of comfort with them.

It expresses closeness and comfort between two people. Your Cancer guy feels more comfortable with you than he does with most girls, and he expressed this fact through his kiss.  

4. He has long-term plans for you

There are two types of kisses, intentional and unintentional. When it comes to unintentional, a person will kiss out of emotions. It is undecided and just happens. 

An unintentional kiss may have long-lasting effects and vice versa because a thought process does not back it.

On the other hand, the intentional kiss is pre-decided; your partner will make up his mind before kissing you. In that case, it is a confession of love. When a cancer man decides to kiss someone, he might have long-term plans to stay with that person.

5. He is committed

A Cancer man’s personality characterizes commitment, trustworthiness, and loyalty. 

Why would he kiss you if he does not commit to you? This question holds its answer in itself.

6. There is no rush

A long-lasting relationship doesn’t start overnight; it takes a reasonable amount of time for two people to get along and make a strong bond. 

A kiss is a starting point of such relationships in which both partners take things at a slow pace. 

Your cancer guy wants to lay a strong foundation for your relationship; therefore, he didn’t go beyond the kiss.

What Does It Mean When a Cancer Man Kisses Your Forehead?

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True affection!

A forehead kiss is empty of lust or sexual desire. It comes from deep care and love. When a Cancer man kisses your forehead, it means his love is beyond the desire of physical intimacy and lust. When two souls get connected, looks and statuses cease to matter. A forehead kiss from a cancer man suggests:

  • Respect: He would not dare get in your clothes unless you want it. He respects your choice. No relationship can flourish if there is no respect among partners. Love and respect are two faces of the same coin; one can’t exist without the other.
  • Care: Cancer men are magnificent caregivers; they are willing to solve all their loved one’s problems. A forehead kiss would relieve you from thousands of frets. Now you know your caregiver’s list is added with another name.
  • Emotional bonding: You have a strong bonding with him. 
  • Trust: He has begun trusting you.

When a Cancer Man Kisses You in Public

You were so pleasing to him that he could not control kissing you in public.

  • He can’t restrain himself while kissing you
  • He wants to let the world know that you and he are in a relationship
  • He might be showing off

Where Does a Cancer Man Like to Be Kissed

A cancer man likes to be kissed on:

  • The lips
  • The eyes
  • The chest
  • The nose

Also, a sweet bite on the shoulder would be an effective turn-on for a cancer man.

What Should You Do Now?

A cancer man is picky when it comes to kissing someone. I would urge you to be patient and make the next move cautiously.

Don’t leave the impression that you’re less discernible about whom you’re sleeping with.

Give him signals to keep him hooked, but don’t go all out at once because too much availability will fade your attraction to him.

Cancer Man Kissing Style

Unlike a Capricorn kiss, a Cancer’s kiss is fiery, soulful, and satisfying. A Cancer man will begin by looking into your eyes, and once he gets comfortable, he will unleash how passionate he was about kissing you.

A cancer man is sensitive; they get vulnerable when they fall in love with someone. Their kiss will reflect what’s going on in their heart. 

His kiss will be sensual, generous, and partner-oriented. He would maintain his grace throughout the kiss. You may feel proud to kiss him.

Do Cancer Men Like Kissing?

Cancers love kissing!

They kiss as if it is their last chance ever to kiss a woman. “Kissing makes me feel as if everything in this world has begun singing,” says Jeff, a Cancer man.

Do Cancer Men Kiss on Their First Date?

It is unlikely that a Cancer man would kiss on his first date because it takes them reasonable time to get along with a new partner.

However, if your Cancer guy kisses you on his first date, it could mean you were unusually appealing to him.

How to Kiss a Cancer Man?

Preparations for a kiss start well before you meet your partner. 

  • Be orally hygienic 
  • Dress up well 
  • Use an appropriate perfume 
  • Appear fresh. 

Be gentle while kissing, show a desire to turn him on, and be considerate about the setting you’re kissing. A first kiss carries overwhelming nervousness; it is completely normal. Don’t be afraid of messing up; it won’t happen. 

Final Thoughts

When a cancer man kisses you, it is one of the most important days. A cancer man prefers having a serious relationship, probably turning into a marriage. They are so reluctant to leave a relationship that they would even stay in toxic relationships.

Kissing you is a good indication that he has decided to stay longer with you. His kiss would be deeper, satisfying, and fiery. But it is important to be patient in the beginning and show him that you’re not dying to sleep with him. 

Feed him bread crumbs to keep him interested, and don’t go all out at once to become too much available.