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When a Libra Man Kisses You (What Does It Mean)

When a Libra Man Kisses You

When a Libra man kisses you, what does it mean? What is his secret? To what extent does he value it?

You were overwhelmed with happiness when the Libra guy kissed you. You felt joy, pleasure, surprise, and a desire for more.

The effects of his kiss are intact on your lips. You can feel his taste in your mouth and his smell in your breath. Life is so beautiful!

But now you are wondering, did that kiss signify something? Or was it a mere kiss? What did that mean when the libra man kissed you? Questions like these are troubling you.

A Libra man does not settle down with a person unless he is mentally and physically attracted to them. When a Libra man kisses you, it signifies he is physically and mentally attracted to you. Although Libras are huge flirts, they seem to be in love with everyone, but kissing is an indication that they are getting serious in a relationship.

What Does It Mean When a Libra Man Kisses You?

When a Libra kisses you, he is deeply attracted to you. He will forget if anything exists around while kissing you. He will keep kissing you as long as he can. 

Libra men can flirt with anyone and sleep with a stranger, but once they commit to a serious relationship, they would rarely cheat on that relationship. A Libra’s kiss signifies he is considering engaging you in a serious relationship.

Understanding a Libra Man

Here is a quick overview of a Libra Man:

  • They are indecisive
  • They love sex even if it is a one-night stand
  • They avoid arguments
  • Once they commit to a relationship, they won’t cheat
  • They are manipulative

6 Deductions From a Libra Man Kiss

1. You attract him physically and mentally

Libras engage in a romantic relationship with someone they are attracted to mentally and physically. A kiss signifies that he wants to have a romantic relationship with you.

You have appealed to his heart as well as his desires. When someone attracts a libra to this degree, he would fall in love with them quickly and demonstrate their feelings through a kiss.

2. He loves spending time with you

If a libra man kisses you, it means he loves spending time with you. He would put significant effort into going out with you or finding an opportunity to meet you

If you hint to him about the meeting, he would even leave his essential work not to miss that opportunity. Similarly, he would go out of his way to drop or pick you up.

3. He won’t see other girls romantically

If a libra man has kissed you, he will not engage with other women no matter how attractive they appear to him. You won’t see him flirting with beautiful girls once he has shown interest in you.

4. He will give you total commitment

Libra men are straightforward in a relationship. Once they express interest in you, they would give their total commitment and expect the same in return. 

5. He confessed his love

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

In their relationships, Libra guys are unreliable and lazy. Your guy could fall head over heels in love with you, but there is a strong possibility that he will cancel any commitment at the last moment.

Pay attention to how you feel when a Libra man kisses you.

Are you incredibly excited? Do you feel there is nothing around, and it’s just you and your guy during the kiss? Did you forget all the hassles and worries of this world while he appreciated your lips?

If that’s the case, it’s one of the obvious signals that a Libra man is interested in you. A kiss entails much more than just your lips brushing against each other; it’s a confession of love.

6. Take things slow

A kiss is a good start in a relationship with a Libra; however, it manifests his intention to keep things a little slower so that you both can better explore each other.

Learning about your partner’s likes, dislikes, fears, pain points, family, and hobbies helps build a strong foundation for your relationship.

Your Libra partner likely thinks the same way; therefore, he wants to take things slow.

What Does It Mean When a Libra Man Kisses Your Forehead?

True affection.

A forehead kiss is empty of lust or sexual desire. It comes from deep care and love. When a Libra man kisses your forehead, his love is beyond the desire of physical intimacy and lust. When two souls get connected, looks and statuses cease to matter. A forehead kiss from a Libra man suggests:

  • Respect: He would not dare get in your clothes unless you want it. He respects your choice.

No relationship can flourish if there is no respect among partners. Love and respect are two faces of the same coin; one can’t exist without the other.

  • You seemed beautiful to him: Libra men love to surround themselves with beautiful things. They want the best house, the best car, and the best partner. A forehead kiss implies that you seem to be the best partner.
  • Emotional bonding: You have a strong bonding with him. 
  • Trust: He has begun trusting you.

Where Does Libra Man Like to Be Kissed

A Libra man likes to be kissed on:

  • The lips
  • The eyes
  • The chest
  • The nose

Also, a sweet bite on the shoulder would be a great turn-on for a Libra.

What Should You Do Now?

A Libra man is picky when it comes to kissing someone. I would urge you to be patient and make the next move cautiously.

Don’t leave the impression that you’re less discernible about whom you’re sleeping with.

Give him signals to keep him hooked, but don’t go all out at once because too much availability will fade your attraction to him.

Libra Men Kissing Style

A Libra man would give clear signals before reaching your lips; he would signal through gestures such as constantly looking into your eyes, holding your back, touching you romantically, etc. 

After signaling his intentions, the Libra man would kiss you softly and gently. He will be highly considerate of matching his energy to yours. For example, a Libra is sensual with a Taurus woman, whereas they are tender with a Cancer woman. 

He will kiss you until you feel satisfied. You can guide him on how to kiss you; just do what you want him to do. 

How Does a Woman Feel Kissing a Libra Man?

You’ll feel pleasure, satisfaction, and a growing desire for more. After kissing a Libra, you’ll feel like you wanted to kiss him.

A libra’s kiss leaves long-lasting effects on a woman. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to forget it. 

  • You would feel overwhelming affection and delight with the release of oxytocin and dopamine.
  • Kissing would stimulate serotonin in your body, which makes you feel good.
  • Your cortisol level will be lowered, making you feel relaxed.

Do Libra Men Like Kissing?

Libras are passionate kissers. Once they get an opportunity to kiss their girlfriend, they can’t miss it.

Do Libras kiss on their first date?

Of course, a Libra man would kiss you on your first date. According to a survey done by Alexander kunts, 67% of people in the US kiss on their first date.

They are excellent kissers, and when it comes to an opportunity to kiss someone, they hardly miss it.

If your Libra guy kisses you on your first date, you look beautiful to him. 

Do Libra Men Kiss in Public?

It is unlikely that a Libra man will kiss you in public.

A Libra man is a passionate kisser; he would pour his feelings through his kiss. But most of the time, they prefer kissing in closed spaces. 

How to Kiss a Libra Man?

Preparations for a kiss start well before you meet your partner. 

  • Be orally hygienic 
  • Dress up well 
  • Use an appropriate perfume 
  • Appear fresh. 

Be gentle while kissing, show a desire to turn him on, and be considerate about the setting you’re kissing. A first kiss carries overwhelming nervousness; it is entirely normal. Don’t be afraid of messing up; it won’t happen. 

Final Thoughts

When a Libra man kisses you, it is one of the most important days. A Libra man is unreliable and lazy when it comes to a relationship. But they show extraordinary commitment to their partners.

Kissing you is a good indication that he has decided to stay longer with you. His kiss would be more profound, satisfying, and fiery. But it is essential to be patient in the beginning and show him that you’re not dying to sleep with him. 

Feed him bread crumbs to keep him interested, and don’t go all out at once to become too much available.