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When a Scorpio Man Kisses You: 10 Hidden Meanings

When a Scorpio Man Kisses You

Wondering what does it mean when a Scorpio man kisses you?

Striving for this answer might be frustrating because you have been pretty much ahead in your imagination with your Scorpio guy.

A Scorpio man’s kiss indicates that you are an excellent match for him as a partner. He is intrigued by you and wishes to live with you. He desires your commitment, loyalty, and a serious relationship.

What does it mean when a Scorpio man kisses you

1. He is seriously considering you

A Scorpio man is straightforward in their relationships. You can’t expect casual sex or a casual relationship from a Scorpio man because they take relationships seriously.

“Does it mean he has an intention to stay with you?”

Well, there is a high possibility that he wants to stay indefinitely with you. Scorpios don’t open up to anyone they meet; it takes a reasonable amount of time for them to break their emotional shield.

A kiss might be a good indication that your Scorpio guy has developed an affinity with you.

2. He will not give up on you

You can rely on a Scorpio guy with closed eyes. They are faithful and fulfill their promises.

If your Scorpio guy shows up and holds your hand and commits to staying with you, you can firmly believe that he will not give up on you very easily. A Scorpio man is a man of his words.

Be confident, stay happy, and enjoy being with your Scorpio guy, because he’s the one you can rely upon.

3. He wants to lead

Being ruled by Pluto, Scorpios don’t allow someone to easily get dominant over them.

In fact, it is the Scorpio who shall take the lead. They are power-hungry, and if someone wants to take away their power, they get in hot water with the Scorpio guy.

When you kiss your Scorpio guy, it is obvious that you will never try to control him. It doesn’t mean that he will never listen to you; he will. 

All I am saying is that don’t make him feel controlled or dominated, because he’s the natural leader.

4. He had a good time with you

Recall the events that took place right before you both kissed each other. It might have been a good conversation, a pleasant evening experience, or a memorable romance.

You both had started trusting each other more or may have shared some personal memories etc. All these events factor in to make a memorable time that you will never forget.

A kiss was a natural response to that good time you both spent.

5. He shared his secret of love 

When a Scorpio Man Kisses You
Photo by mimi lalaa on Unsplash

A Scorpio man is characterized as a secretive person. He will prefer to keep his feelings to his heart instead of sharing them with others.

The moment he kissed, it was an explicit demonstration of his feelings for you. He said everything without putting a word out of his mouth.

He confessed his love through that kiss, the secret he might have kept up until then. I will prefer to call it “the Secret of Love.”

6. He is signaling you to commit to him

Scorpios are known for their commitment to their relationships.

But that commitment won’t go one-sided, and they demand the same loyalty and seriousness in return. When the Scorpio guy kissed you, it was a sign that he might have developed some commitment towards you which will nurture in the coming days of your relationship.

It is a clear sign that he is also demanding commitment from you. A Scorpio never tolerates betrayal; they get aggressive. Sometimes, they go to extended lengths to make sure nobody dares to betray them.

7. It’s not casual; it is serious

Casual sex or casual relationship, Scorpio’s dictionary, is empty of these terminologies.

They lay the foundation of their relationships based on commitment and loyalty.

They are on the wrong foundation if someone expects a casual relationship with a Scorpio guy. 

You can infer that when your Scorpio man kisses you, it means he wants a serious relationship with you.

8. You should never leave him

Leaving you Scorpio guy is not as simple; it will trouble him beyond your imagination. 

A relationship that he dreamt about with you can’t end in the middle way. Kissing you was an indication that he needs assurance that you will never leave him.

Of course, this is a difference between a casual relationship and a serious one. Scorpio men will prefer having no relationship instead of having a casual one.

9. He will stay loyal

When a Scorpio Man Kisses You
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

What makes a serious relationship different from a casual relationship? In one word answer, I will say “Loyalty.” 

Loyalty makes two people stay together and avoid betraying each other. 

A Scorpio has no interest in casual relationships and casual kisses. Therefore, it is obvious that he wants you to be loyal to him.

10. Take things slow

A kiss is a good start in a relationship with a Scorpio; however, it manifests his intention to keep things a little slower so that you both can better explore each other.

Learning about your partner’s likes, dislikes, fears, pain points, family, and hobbies helps build a stronger foundation for your relationship.

Your Scorpio partner probably thinks the same way; therefore, he wants to take things slow.

When a Scorpio kisses on the forehead

If your Scorpio guy kisses your forehead, it means he wants to take things slow. Also, he wants to know you better and let you learn about him.

Moreover, a forehead kiss is a sign of sincerity; it is free from sexual intimacy and carries pure sentiments of love and care. A forehead kiss implies that your Scorpio guy is not after your body, he’s after your soul.

What kind of kiss does Scorpio like?

Generally, Scorpio men like to kiss when they enter for one kiss and are given another from tight lips, then more of the same, with quick visits from the tongue.

Where Does a Scorpio Man Like to Be Kissed

A Scorpio man likes to be kissed on:

  • The lips
  • The eyes
  • The chest
  • The nose

Also, a sweet bite on the shoulder will be an incredible turn-on for a Scorpio.

Scorpio Man Kissing Style

Scorpios are passionate about kissing. When you come across a Scorpio guy, you will feel the longing in his eyes to touch your lips.  

A Scorpio man’s kiss is intense and sensual. In deep emotions, he may hold your waist to hug you.

His kiss will be delighting, deep, satisfying, and passionate. You will feel as if you wanted to kiss him in the first place. You will sense his dominance while kissing him; he will kiss you as if he doesn’t care about the world anymore.

How will you feel after a Scorpio’s kiss?

A Scorpio’s kiss is strong and demanding. A Scorpio will bite your bottom lip even if it swells your lips. Your lips will be puffy and sore for days after a Scorpio kiss. Scorpios don’t take things lightly. Prepare to feel heated and uncomfortable after kissing a Scorpio. Your lips will be flaming red, and you will be soaking wet between your legs.

Do Scorpio men like kissing?

Scorpios are passionate kissers; when they get an opportunity to kiss their loved ones, they avail it as if it is the last kiss of their life. 

Final Words

When a Scorpio man kisses you, he has taken a significant step in the relationship. He is not interested in casual relationships. He wants to make a long-term commitment with you that is based on loyalty, trust, and love.

He is picky about the ladies he kisses since he is not the kind to have casual relationships with random women.

He seeks a long-term committed connection with someone. Kissing, for him, is more than a romantic gesture; it’s a way of solidifying a bond.