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When an Aquarius Man Hugs You (9 Hidden Meanings)

When an Aquarius man hugs you

How many times do you hug in a day? Virginia Satire, a renowned therapist, famously said, “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

Virginia’s recommendation is about general hugs you receive from family, friends, parents, etc. Hugging a person with whom you have a heart-to-heart connection ten folds its impact. 

Astrology plays a vital role in deciphering the meaning of a hug. For example, Aquarius men are intense and extremely physical.

You must be wondering about Aquarius’s hug. What does it mean when an Aquarius man hugs you? An Aquarius man is extremely loyal and physical. When an Aquarius man hugs you, he conveys your affection to him. 

An Aquarius man’s hug is an intimate act and a display of affection. He hugged you to be supportive and protective of you. His hug and touches would make you happier. In a relationship, it signifies that he loves you and cares about you.

Quick overview of a Aquarius man

  • They see sex as somehow separate from a relationship.
  • They are open to the idea of friends with benefits arrangements.
  • They approach romance in a more objective way.
  • They are loners.
  • They think with their heads more than their hearts.
  • Aquarius is an air sign; they are a perfectionist who wants to make the world a better place.
  • They become restless in boring conversations.
  • They are thirsty for knowledge.
  • An Aquarius is very loyal in a relationship, but if a relationship gets toxic, he will leave.

What Does It Mean When an Aquarius Man Hugs You?

Consider these three things to understand a Aquarius man’s hug:

  • His relationship with you.
  • The context of a hug.
  • The Aquarius man’s hug type.

We will discuss these factors to help you understand an Aquarius man’s hug.

His Relationship With You

Hugs happen between all kinds of people, whether they are friends, family, couples, parents, and children.

It is vital to keep your relationship nature with the Aquarius man in perspective. Different relations bear different meanings of hug, for example:

  • If an Aquarius man is your colleague, his hug will be reserved.  
  • If he is your friend, a hug would be energetic but limited physically.
  • If a Aquarius man is your boyfriend, his hug will be sexually intimate.

Context of Your Hug

The second important thing is to consider the context of an Aquarius hug. It includes:

  • The place of a hug. 
  • The topic of the discussion you were having when the hug happened.
  • The events that took place before the hug.

The Type of Aquarius Man’s Hug

There are seven types of Aquarius man’s hugs, each with a unique purpose and meaning. Considering them would help you assess his hug.

7 Types of Aquarius Man’s Hug

There are seven types of Aquarius man’s hug, and each has a unique purpose and meaning:

1. Side Hug

A side hug happens when an Aquarius man hugs you with one arm around your waist or shoulder. In this situation, you are standing side by side; he might use his left arm as you use your right.

What does it mean when an Aquarius man gives you a side hug: When an Aquarius man gives you a side hug, it means he’s not very close to you. He is more reserved because he considers you an acquaintance and not a friend. Aquariuss are super emotional and take a while to warm up to new people.

2. Friend Hug

In a friend hug, an Aquarius man will hug you with two arms while your chests are touching. Typically, you will avoid touching your pelvises. These hugs span over a short duration and are free from sexual intimacy.

When an Aquarius man gives you a friend hug: Aquarius men care about their friends. A Aquarius man might hug you for longer when he sees you after a long time.

3. Hug From Behind

It happens when an Aquarius man wraps his arms around you from behind. In this position, he’s loaded with romantic feelings. You will feel protected and closer to him.

What does it mean when an Aquarius man hugs you from behind: A hug from behind displays closeness, care, and affection. An Aquarius man enjoys intimacy while hugging you from behind. He may try to turn you on by touching your erogenous points. 

4. Arms Around the Waist Hug

With this type of hug, an Aquarius man hugs you while your waists are aligned, and your arms are wrapped around each other’s waist. He will maintain a romantic eye contact with you.

What it means: It is a romantic hug usually followed by intimacy. The Aquarius man might kiss you during that hug.

5. Bear Hug

It happens when an Aquarius man gives you a normal hug, but this time he holds you tight. A bear hug is more prolonged and intimate. An Aquarius man loves to cuddle with his partners.

What does it mean when an Aquarius man tightly hugs you: An Aquarius man will hug you tightly when he is filled with love and affection. 

6. One-Sided Hug

In a one-sided hug, an Aquarius man would hug you, and you won’t put effort into hugging him. Generally, unexpected hugs or hugs between strangers are one-sided. 

What it means: If you hug an Aquarius man and it ends up as a one-sided hug, it shows he’s not into you. Either he’s not as close to you as you think, or he hasn’t opened up to you.

7. Heart-To-Heart Hug

In a heart-to-heart hug, an Aquarius man approaches the embrace with his left side, so his heart touches first. 

What it means: An Aquarius would heart-to-heart hug you when he wants to become intimate with you.

9 Hidden Meanings of a Aquarius Man’s Hug

Hugging is an intimate way of showing affection and care. It benefits both the giver and the receiver. In romantic relationships, frequent hugs lead to fewer interpersonal conflicts, as proved in a study.

1. He Wants to Relieve You From Stress

An Aquarius man hugs you with pure intentions of being supportive and protective of you. If he finds you in stress he would immediately come closer to you to tell you that you don’t have to worry when he’s with you.

A hug is a gesture to express care. If you need him, he would be there for you.

Women who get frequent hugs from their significant half stay less stressed. It is because hugging decreases the production of the stress hormone cortisol, according to a study published in the journal PLOS One.

2. He Cares About You

Aquarius wants to make sure their loved ones are happy and content. A hug is evidence that your Aquarius man cares about you.

If you are suffering from an existential fear, your Aquarius man would hug you to relieve your self-doubt. A hug is a proven relief against existential fear, according to a study by Dutch researchers.

3. He Feels Good While Holding You

When an Aquarius man hugs you, he wants to convey that you make him happy. He has decided to reveal his feelings to you, it’s straightforward and reserved.

If an Aquarius man holds you in his arms for a prolonged time it means he loves you. 

4. He Is Sexually Attracted to You

When a Aquarius man is sexually aroused, he may hug you. Remember Aquarius see sex as somehow separate from relationship.

5. He Is Greeting You

A hug is a greeting gesture in many cultures. When you add verbal communication to a hug, its positive implications increase tenfold. A study suggests that hugging is a natural greeting among good friends.

6. He Might Be Saying Goodbye

Sometimes, a hug is meant to say goodbye. If an Aquarius man combines goodbye with a hug, he will miss you in your absence. 

7. He Is in a Happy or Sad Situation

Aquarius men think with their heads and not with their heart, but this doesn’t mean they don’t get upset. When an Aquarius man is sad, he needs you to hug him and share your feelings. Similarly, an Aquarius guy hugs his loved one in extreme happiness. 

Hugging increases the effect of happiness, and it is because of the oxytocin hormone that is released with hugs. There are two takeaways from a happiness hug:

  • He has an emotional connection with you.
  • He loves to share his happiness with you.

8. He Is Protective

Aquarius are known as cold and condescending. But in a relationship, they are protective. If an Aquarius man hugs you, it means he wants to make you feel protected and comfortable because you’re closer to his heart. 

A hug is an excellent way to show support to people in a conflict. According to CNN, hugging and touch have a therapeutic potential that helps people who are feeling down.

9. He Is Romantic

An Aquarius needs a woman who is independent like them. Whenever an Aquarius craves romance, he will find ways to get physical with you. If an Aquarius man rests his head on your shoulder as he hugs you, it means he is being romantic.

  • Combine emotional and sexual intimacy with the Aquarius.
  • Play seductive games with him.
  • Maintain trust.

When a Aquarius Man Hugs You and Rubs Your Back

An Aquarius man keeps his head over his heart, but when it comes to his loved ones, he is full of love and care. If you have Aquarius’ trust, he will stay by you in every difficult situation. Rubbing your back as he hugs you symbolizes deep care and affection from the Aquarius guy for you.

When a Aquarius Man Hugs You Tight

Aquarius strives for perfection in their relationship. Once he finds you as a perfect fit for him, you will have his true dedication. A tight hug from an Aquarius man shows his extreme emotions, deep trust, and affection for you. He wants you to stay closer to him. It is an exaggeration of a normal hug that happens spontaneously. 

When a Aquarius Man Hugs You While Sleeping

Hugging while sleeping is an experience of its own kind. The affection, the romance, and the level of intimacy felt during a sleep hug is hard to convey through words. A Aquarius man hugs you while sleeping to:

  • Feel safe and happy.
  • Have intimacy.
  • Strengthen your bond.
  • Be protective.
  • Relax.

What Is It Like to Hug an Aquarius Man?

Hugging an Aquarius man liberates your racing mind from the worries of this world. You will feel safe and happy. A sense of emotional connection will emerge in your heart which will make you closer to him.

Where to Touch an Aquarius Man While Hugging?

  • Lock your arms around the Aquarius man’s neck.
  • You may also keep your head on his shoulder.
  • Play with his hair.
  • Kiss him.

How to Hug an Aquarius Man?

  • Make sure you look fresh and smell good.
  • Place your arms on Aquarius’s higher back through his arms and the side of his body.
  • Hold the hug as long as you both feel comfortable.
  • Try to listen to his heartbeat.

Do Aquarius Men Like to Cuddle?

A cuddle is a prolonged hug that happens between couples for intimacy. Astrology says that Aquarius love sex when they have an emotional connection with their partner.

Aquarius men love to cuddle with their partners. You will find him always ready for a cuddle. Cuddling is also considered a public display of affection; therefore, it may be prohibited in some cultures.

The release of Oxytocin (also known as the “cuddle hormone”) during a cuddle will lower your stress and boost your happiness.

Benefits of Hug

  • Hugs may protect against illness.
  • It boosts your health.
  • It makes you happier.
  • It helps reduce existential fear.
  • It may help reduce your pain.

Final Words

In a romantic relationship, an Aquarius man would frequently hug you. Since they love to get physical with their partners. A hug is a good way to show affection and love. 

Hug reduces stress, increases happiness, and refines relations. A prolonged hug tells a thousand words about your attachment to the giver.

Almost every human being needs a hug; therefore, it happens between friends, families, parents, etc.