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When an Aries Man Kisses You (What Does It Mean)

A man kissing a smiling girls neck

Kissing an Aries man has added a great experience in your life. The moment when he got intimate with you seemingly, dissolved everything that existed around you. 

You might be wondering what the significance of kissing an Aries man is? Is he in love with you? This article will answer these questions and provide some exciting things about an Aries man’s kiss.

When an Aries man kisses you, it means he loves you. Aries doesn’t need a relationship to feel fulfilled; he only pursues a love interest when he is earnest. His kiss signifies commitment, loyalty, and love.

A kiss serves as the ultimate litmus test for a relationship. According to CNN, during a kiss, “our lip contact involves five of our 12 cranial nerves as we engage all of our senses to learn more about a partner.”

Understanding an Aries Man

  • Aries men are bold and ambitious.
  • They are stubborn and consistent.
  • Aries men don’t hold grudges. 
  • They are impulsive and unpredictable.
  • An Aries man is enthusiastic and passionate.
  • They are straightforward in expressing their feelings. 
  • They fall in love quickly — and get bored quickly.
  • Aries are very loyal and extraordinarily emotional.
  • They love to try new things and creativity. 

What Does It Mean When an Aries Man Kisses You?

A couple having kiss at a beautiful beach

When an Aries man kisses you, it means he is seriously interested in you. His kiss would be sensual and romantic. You would feel as if you wanted to kiss the Aries man first.

A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.

― Edmond Rostand

12 Meanings of an Aries Man’s Kiss

1. He Loves Your Sense of Humor

When it comes to having a relationship, an Aries man loves a lively woman with a good sense of humor. They want to laugh with their funny partners. You don’t need to be a comedian to impress an Aries guy; all you need to do is know how to appreciate good humor.

When an Aries man kisses you, it might be because he enjoys laughing with you.

2. He Adores Your Intelligence

Intelligence is an Aries man’s common trait; they think very quickly. Therefore, they prefer a woman to whom they can talk about current affairs, ideas, and science.

Aries’s kiss signifies that he recognized your intelligence.

3. You Are Already in His Heart

An Aries man doesn’t need a partner to feel fulfilled; therefore, when he enters a relationship, he’s madly in love. A kiss signifies that he is one-hundred percent committed to you.

4. He Recognized Your Independence

An Aries man endears an independent and nurturing woman. He doesn’t like a too clingy woman who overwhelms him with calls and texts. A woman who has her life, hobbies, tasks, and projects attracts an Aries.

Kissing was a recognition of your independence by the Aries guy.

5. The Aries Man Recognized Your Beauty

An Aries man admires beautiful things; if a beautiful woman shows up, the Aries man shall be stimulated. He is detail-oriented and sees things from a unique perspective. An Aries man’s kiss signifies that you looked gorgeous.

6. You Are the Priority

Aries are honest about their feelings; if he’s interested in you, he will keep you above everything. He would care for your mood, likes, dislikes, and desires. He would keep you happy by giving pleasant surprises and gifts.

7. He Wants to Move Slowly

An Aries man moves slowly in a relationship to ensure he’s with the right person. He would take his time to avoid being ended up with regrets. When an Aries man kisses you, it signals that he’s assessing if you and he are compatible.

8. The Aries Man Would Not Leave You

A couple getting intimate at a shore

Staying loyal to a relationship is Aries’s virtue. They honor being faithful to their partners and expect loyalty in return. The Aries kiss was a sublime promise of not leaving you.

9. Confession Without Hesitation

Aries men are straightforward in expressing their likes and dislikes; they don’t like playing mind games or puzzles; when an Aries man kisses you, it’s a confession that he is interested in you.

10. He Would Stay Loyal to You

When an Aries man admits his love, he doesn’t go around other women pursuing a love interest. Aries want to be the first choice of their partners; anything lesser than this would get them restless. 

When an Aries man kisses you, it means he wants to make this relationship more meaningful.

11. The Aries Man Would Be Possessive

Love fosters possessiveness, and the deeper the love, the stronger the possessiveness. He would be extremely jealous if you flirt with someone in front of your Aries guy.

12. It Is Love

You can’t hide your feelings for long when you fall in love. It becomes a complicated situation when the other person’s response is unpredictable. Emotions such as fear of rejection and eagerness to be accepted may make you lose sleep.

The Aries man can’t confess his love directly because he fears rejection. A kiss was the safest way to confess his love indirectly.

Do Aries Men Like Kissing?

Aries men are passionate about kissing; once they fall for a beautiful woman, they immediately start romanticizing them. 

Since Aries are highly compatible with Leo, Sagittarius, and Gemini, they enjoy kissing them the most.

They love to soothe their partners with their sensual kissing. An Aries man enjoys a kiss, but when he finds out you loved his kiss, it would be tenfold his happiness. 

When Does an Aries Man Want to Kiss You?

When an Aries man wants to kiss you, he will display subtle signs and hints. For instance:

  • He would keep you unusually close.
  • He would keep staring at you.
  • Touching your hands or shoulders.
  • The Aries man would Lick his lips to give you a signal for a kiss.
  • He will put extra effort into keeping you happier.
  • He may lean towards you while sitting.

Aries Man’s Kissing Style

An Aries man’s kiss is aggressive, strong, intense, and passionate. He kisses as if it’s the last time he will ever kiss someone; therefore, he squeezes the kissing experience to the last drop.

An Aries man’s dominant nature would be visible in his kiss; he would hold you tight, look into your eyes, and kiss you like a thirsty man.

Despite the fiery kiss from the Aries guy, you would feel the urge to have more kisses from him.

Are Aries Men Good Kissers?

Aries men are passionate kissers; their kisses are strong, seductive, and aggressive. They let display dominance in their kisses.

A couple in bed looking at each other after sex

To answer, are Aries men good kissers? An Aries man’s kiss is intimate and arousing. Since they usually have a high libido, their kisses often pave the way for sexual intercourse. 

How Does a Woman Feel After Kissing an Aries Man?

After kissing the Aries man, you’ll feel closer to him. Your heart would be exploding with his memories. His kiss would stay on your lips for a short time, but the experience will last long.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to divert your focus from the Aries man.

  • You would feel overwhelming affection and delight with the release of oxytocin and dopamine.
  • Kissing would stimulate serotonin in your body, which makes you feel good
  • Your cortisol level will be lowered, making you feel relaxed

Does an Aries Man Kiss on Their First Date?

According to a survey by Alexander kunts, 67% of people in the US kiss on their first date.

An Aries man shall prefer kissing in a closed space where he feels liberated.

An Aries man needs an adventure in life. He would be happy to kiss you on the first date, which signifies that he could not resist getting intimate with you.

In public, his kisses would be friendly, gentle, and small. But in private spaces, his kisses would be passionate, seductive, erotic, and lengthy. 

Where Does an Aries Man Like to Be Kissed?

An Aries man wants to be kissed on:

  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Upper back

How to Kiss an Aries Man?

Aries men love sensual and passionate kisses. When you have the opportunity to kiss an Aries man:

  • Try a kissing triangle in which you kiss his lips; then, you move down to kiss his neck and return to continue kissing his lips.
  • Suck his lips a bit. 
  • Use your tongue
  • Move your hands in his hair, slide on his arms and pull him towards you.
  • Grab his thighs.

When an Aries Man Kisses You in the Public

You were so pleasing to the Aries man that he could not control kissing you in public.

  • The Aries man can’t restrain himself while kissing you
  • He wants to let the world know that you and he are in a relationship
  • He might be showing off

Benefits of Kissing an Aries Man

  • Kissing is a great way of knowing sexual compatibility with an Aries man before getting into his bed. 
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to check your sexual compatibility with the Aries man. Certain experiments have shown that saliva exchange conveys physiological compatibility to the brain.
  • Kissing boosts self-esteem; it makes you happier and more productive at work.
  • It deepens your relationship.
  • According to WebMD, kissing is also beneficial for health
  • Kissing helps fight mouth diseases and plaque
  • It boosts happy hormones
  • It burns some calories

What Should You Do Now?

Don’t leave the impression that you’re dying to get into his bed. Also:

  • Give him constant attention
  • Make him the priority
  • Stay loyal
  • Earn his trust
  • Let him lead
  • Have fun with him

What Does It Mean When an Aries Man Kisses Your Forehead?

When an Aries man kisses your forehead, he cares about you. A forehead kiss indicates you’re not a sex object for an Aries man. It’s a humble way to communicate that your partner respects and adores you.

What Does It Mean When an Aries Man Kisses You on the Cheek?

A cheek kiss from an Aries man displays affection, love, and gratitude. In some cultures, it is a way of performing a greeting, conferring congratulations, and indicating a family relationship.

When an Aries man kisses your cheek, he is trying to picture the outcomes before moving to your lips. 

  • An Aries man’s cheek kiss means he needs time to develop the courage to confess his love
  • He passes gratitude toward you
  • He cares about you

What Does It Mean When an Aries Man Kisses Your Hand?

A hand kiss is more intimidating than a cheek kiss. A kiss on the hand is a gesture of sophistication for an Aries man. When an Aries man kisses your hand, it means:

  • If it is the beginning of your relationship, it might mean he is respectful and has traditional values.
  • A kiss on the hands is also an old-fashioned display of romance
  • It’s a compliment to your complexion

What Does It Mean When an Aries Man Kisses Your Back?

A kiss on the back is a gesture of sexual intimacy. It means the Aries man wants more than a kiss; it only happens in some private space. A kiss on the back is an attempt to turn you on.

What Does It Mean When an Aries Man Kisses Your Stomach?

A stomach kiss shows that your Aries man feels close to you and comfortable. Since the stomach is very close to the intimate areas of the body, kissing on the stomach signifies that Aries man is sexually attracted to you.


When an Aries man kisses your lips, it’s a confession of love. An Aries’s smooch is a straightforward way of showing love interest. It’s an act of admiring your beauty, expressing that you’re the priority and a hidden promise that the Aries man would not leave you.

An Aries man’s kiss is passionate, aggressive, and intense. He displays dominance in his kisses.

An Aries man kissing your forehead signifies respect, gratitude, and care. A kiss sets the direction of your relationship with the Aries man.