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When an Aquarius Man Kisses You (What Does It Mean)

When an Aquarius Man Kisses You

Are you falling for an Aquarius man who has recently kissed you? An Aquarius is known for intellectualizing everything; he rarely does anything out of blind emotions. Therefore if he has kissed you, it might be the byproduct of a well-thought process which is good. Let’s dig into this more!

You have kissed an Aquarius, and since then, your heart is exploding, and your brain is stuck into him, remembering the kiss every time. What does that mean when an Aquarius man kisses you? Questions like these are tormenting you.

An Aquarius man can have a friend with benefits agreement and a serious relationship. A kiss from an Aquarius signifies he has taken a big step toward you. He might be considering having a serious relationship with you. 

A study suggests that women see kissing as more important for a long-term relationship.

Understanding an Aquarius

Here is a quick overview of an Aquarius man:

  • They see sex as somehow separate from a relationship
  • They are open to the idea of friends with benefits arrangements
  • They approach romance in a more objective way
  • They are loners
  • They think with their heads more than their hearts

What Does It Mean When an Aquarius Man Kisses You: 7 Things to Know

1. It’s About Giving You the Best Experience

An Aquarius guy has a unique sense of romance. He loves to have physical intimacy, especially with people whose thoughts he praises. 

Just like a Sagittarius man kisses when an Aquarius man kisses you, he wants to compliment you and give you a pleasuring experience with his magical kiss.

He wants you to know that your thoughts and ideology match his, and it makes him happier to be around you.

2. He Is Seriously Considering You

Another possibility is that the Aquarius man is seriously thinking about having a relationship with you. Aquarius is known for separating emotions from their thoughts. Therefore, if he pursues a love interest with you, it would never happen out of hormonal changes. 

A kiss signifies that you appealed to his intellect which lays a stronger foundation for your relationship. 

Quote: Relationships backed by a thought process last longer than those relationships that start with blind emotions.

3. It Is Just the Beginning

Aquarius can have a fling or one-night stand with people they have no emotional attachment. They love to explore new possibilities in the world of physical intimacy. 

A kiss from an Aquarius signifies that he wants to explore it more with you. Therefore, next time he may pursue something more intimate.

4. You Are Attractive

It’s one of the apparent deductions from an Aquarius kiss, but there is more than that.

An Aquarius won’t allow his emotions to dominate him when he’s pursuing a relationship in his life. 

When you attract an Aquarius, it is not about appearances only; it’s more about your overall personality, the way you carry yourself, and how you interact with others; all of them sum up in an Aquarius perspective.

Kissing you means he loves your personality, which is the product of your life experiences.

5. Playing Hard Won’t Work

If you love someone, you would expect a similar response from them; otherwise, things won’t work. 

An Aquarius man knows that playing hard doesn’t work. If his partner loves him, she will reciprocate his feelings. Therefore, the Aquarius man kissed you to straight away tell you about his feelings.

If there is not a desirable response from your side, he won’t bother trying it hard.

6. Knowing Before Going

Unlike Sagittarius and Pisces, an Aquarius man does not commit to a relationship blindly. Therefore he is known as a cold and detached personality, “knowing before going.”

When an Aquarius pursues a love interest in you, he has evaluated this path well before. A kiss signifies he wants to take the romantic course with you.

7. Friends With Benefits

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Aquarius men don’t need an emotional attachment to enjoy sex. For them, a relationship is not necessary to feel fulfilled. Therefore, they are usually happy with a friends with benefits kind of agreement.

An Aquarius kiss might mean that he wants to pursue an intimate relationship with you even if it doesn’t have emotional bonding.

What Does It Mean When an Aquarius Man Kisses Your Forehead?

It means he cares for you as a friend.

When an Aquarius man kisses your forehead, there could be a thousand things we can deduce from it. To say the least, it is free from sexual desire or lust and more of an attachment. 

A forehead kiss signifies that an Aquarius puts you closer to his heart. He would stand by you whenever you need him, and he won’t betray you.

Being a rational person, an Aquarius will think well before kissing your forehead. Therefore, a forehead kiss signifies he would stay with you as a friend.

Aquarius Man Kissing Style

Aquarius kiss is unique, discreet, soothing, and relaxing. They strive to give the best kiss experience to their partners. 

When you meet the Aquarius, he will start by being funny and playful. Then he would come closer to you, and your surroundings will start disappearing. At this moment, you will feel as if there exists nothing but him. 

He would gently touch your lips and ask for feedback through his eyes; he would kiss you again if you would signal yes. This time he would synchronize his kiss with yours turning into a smooch, and you will desire that it never ends. 

How Would You Feel Kissing an Aquarius Man?

You’ll feel pleasure, satisfaction, and a growing desire for more. After kissing an Aquarius, you’ll feel like you wanted to kiss him:

  • You would feel overwhelming affection and delight with the release of oxytocin and dopamine.
  • Kissing would stimulate serotonin in your body, which makes you feel good
  • Your cortisol level will be lowered, making you feel relaxed

Where Does an Aquarius Man Like to Be Kissed?

An Aquarius man wants to be kissed on:

  • The lips
  • The eyes
  • The chest
  • The nose

Also, a sweet bite on the shoulder would be an incredible turn-on for an Aquarius.

How to Kiss an Aquarius Man?

Preparations for a kiss start well before you meet your partner. 

  • Be orally hygienic 
  • Dress up well 
  • Use an appropriate perfume 
  • Appear fresh. 

An Aquarius would be unable to take hints; therefore, you need to look super attractive to him. Match your energy to his energy and try to build a rhythm. Be passionate during kissing him because it turns on most men.

Do Aquarius Men Kiss on Their First Date?

Yes, but it’s more about giving you the best experience.

According to a survey done by Alexander kunts, 67% of people in the US kiss on their first date.

An Aquarius man would kiss you on the first date, but his priority would always be giving you the best experience. You would feel a craving for more after kissing him. 

Do Aquarius Like Kissing?

Yes, but kissing the right person is more important.

An Aquarius man separates his thoughts from his emotions; therefore, he approaches a kiss more objectively. An Aquarius man would preferably kiss when he has adequate knowledge about that person; it could be one of his friends, colleagues, etc.

He kissed you because you appealed to his intellect.

An Aquarius doesn’t let his heart indulge in his daily life matters. He does most of the things with zero interference from his emotions. Therefore, it’s more important what kind of person he is kissing than how he feels about that person.

What You Should Do Now?

Try not to be overly emotional with them.

Aquarius are logical people; they prefer rationalizing things instead of looking at them emotionally. Don’t try to appeal to them emotionally, and it rarely works in their universe.

If an Aquarius chooses to love you, it is most probably because he saw you objectively and pursued your love interest. It’s just that simple!

Also, Don’t leave the impression that you’re less discernible about whom you’re sleeping with.

Give him signals to keep him hooked, but don’t go all out at once because too much availability will fade your attraction to him.

Do Aquarius Men Kiss in the Public?

Just Like a Libra man, an Aquarius man doesn’t see a public display of affection as a necessary part of a relationship; therefore, they hardly kiss in public.

If you want to kiss him in public, be cautious if he is comfortable with it.

Final Thoughts

It is a big step toward you when an Aquarius man kisses you. An Aquarius man sees sex as separate from a relationship. 

Kissing you indicates that he praises your intellect. His kiss would be soothing, satisfying, and discreet. But it is essential to be patient in the beginning and show him that you’re not dying to sleep with him. 

Feed him bread crumbs to keep him interested, and don’t go all out at once to become too much available.